Will using your products cause me to fail a drug test.

Absolutely not!!! Our products contain no thc or cbd. Terpenes and Hempseed oil do not contain any substance that would lead you to fail a drug test.

Why do You use the Blue Dream strain terpenes specifically.

We have found through relentless research that the Blue Dream strain has the optimal amount of certain terpenes that paired with our carrier oil blend creates the perfect formula for your skin and facial hair.

Why do you use plastic bottles won't chemicals leech from them.

Nope!!! that is a falsehood that with just a little research can be disproven. The bottle would have to be under sustained temperature of over 130 degrees for an extended period of time for that to happen so there is no threat of chemicals leeching into our products. The reason we use plastic bottles is because we believe it is better for the earth in the sense that the whole bottle can be recycled while glass botlle dropper tops cannot be. Also it makes the shipping costs lower which we pass on to the customers. Another reason is that if our bottles drop they wont break and with the reducer cap the chances of you losing a good amount of your product if dropped or tipped over is none existent.