Ingredient/Scent list

All of our products contain our perfected formula of carrier oils and terpenes.

Blue Dream terpenes
Hempseed oil (unrefined)
Jojoba oil
Avocado oil
Sweet Almond oil
Coconut oil
Castor oil
Grape seed oil
Fragrance oils
and essential oils.

The Classic Hemp Wizard scents

Maui Wowie- a tropical blend of pineapple,mango,papaya,coconut with hints of other tropical fruits. We know you would rather be  out surfing or enjoying a lazy day on the beach. Now Maui Wowie lets you bring the beach with you no matter where you are.

OG Kush- A unique take on a staple classic. A woodsy blend  of sandal wood, cedar, pine, bamboo and teak. 

Grape Stomper- Remember that drink you loved as a child. Well Grape Stomper takes you back to your childhood with a twist on the grape flavor of that beverage. OH YEAH!!

Blueberry Haze- Did someone say cookies? Blueberry Haze smells like something out of the best bakeries around. This blueberry cookie scent will become one of your favorites.

Strawberry Switchblade- You wanna fight!! Just kidding but you will be willing to over this amazing strawberry candy scent. 

Holiday Scents-(Due too christmas bringing joy to some year round we here at Hemp Wizard have decided to offer these scents on a normal basis)

Cookie Jar- nothing better then waking up on christmas morning and sneaking down stairs to grab you a snickerdoodle out of the cookie jar. Now you can have that experience year round.

Kush Mints- A magic blend of candy canes and christmas tree's. Nothing says christmas more then this combination.

Signature Series

Corpsewalker- Our scent with Greg Frazer AKA Mr. Grimm. One of the drummers for Walking Corpse Syndrome. Corpse Walker is a classic cedar blend. Simple yet Bold.

Blast Beat- Shawn Frazer AKA NOCKTIS completing the brotherly duo of drummers for Walking Corpse Syndrome has collaborated with us for a scent of sweet tobacco and leather with hints of vanilla.

Slasher- A terror filled scent with rythm and lead guitarist Aaron Whitsell of Cropsey Maniac. Slasher is a brutal blend of cranberry and bourbon with hints of oak and vanilla. ITS NOT CRANBERRY SAUCE!!!!

Believe- A scent as mysterious as Bigfoot. With Artists Ted Wilson and Bub of Black Sasquatch we bring you a campsite classic of pine, campfire and smore's. This scent will have you looking for a bigfoot in no time.

Roy Boy- The Godfather of Metal and the host of Licking County Metal Heads podcast where you hear all the up and coming hard rock and metal artists. His scent is a hardcore but tropical take on a mosh pit.  (WTF we dont know either but it sounds cool). A mashup of banana, strawberry, papaya, melon and mango.

Not Your Superman- This scent from 2 time grammy nominated artist Adam Hines of Phestur brings a mystical  cologne scent that is sure to be the kryptonite for the ladies. This top secret scent is guarded almost as tight as the hall of justice.

Harmony- The hosts of the Musicians Hangout Podcast Crash FistFight and Maxine Maxwell together create harmony a scent profile of a warm apple crisp with hints of vanilla bean ice cream. Make sure to check out there podcast to find some of the greatests underground artists.

The Audible- Our Friends Tommy Florio and Jeff Tolwinski from the Hard Rock N Sports Show and the Sunday Audible present a scent of peaches,leather and vanilla.

Bucknut- Welcome to Ohio!!! Bucknut is the offcial state of ohio anthem from the  Band SOHI ( OK NOT OFFICIALLY BUT RESIDENTS THINK SO). This decadent treat first confected in the state of ohio the buckeye is a peanutbutter fudge covered in a smooth milk chocolate. O-H.