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Behold, ye curious souls, the elixir known as “DECAPITATION,” a mystical fusion woven by the hands of Hemp Wizard and Dead Silent! 

In the whispering shadows of their apothecary, they conjured forth an aromatic symphony that dances upon the very bristles of your beard. Let us delve into the arcane secrets of this bewitching brew:

Scent of the Enchanted Grove:

Strawberry: Plucked from the sun-kissed meadows, its sweetness lingers like a stolen kiss.

Cannabis: Ah, the herb of contemplation! It weaves a verdant tapestry of earthy musings.

More Cannabis: Forsooth! A double dose of herbal intrigue, as if the forest itself whispers secrets.

White Chocolate: A rare confection from the faerie kitchens, bestowed with creamy indulgence.

Cherry: The fruit of forbidden orchards, crimson and tantalizing.

Carrier Blend of the Alchemist’s Craft:

Hempseed Oil: The very essence of the hemp plant, a bridge between realms.

Jojoba Oil: Liquid gold, mirroring the sun’s warmth upon your visage.

Castor Oil: A potion to thicken and strengthen, as if woven by spider silk.

Coconut Oil: The nectar of tropical palms, a balm for sun-kissed skin.

Sweet Almond Oil: Whispers of marzipan and moonlight, soothing and nourishing.

Avocado Oil: From the heart of the emerald fruit, a boon to parched strands.

Grapeseed Oil: Like sipping wine in an ancient vineyard, light and invigorating.

Blue Dream Terpenes: Ah, the ethereal essence of dreams! It beckons you to wander realms unseen.

Apply thrice under the crescent moon, and your beard shall become a portal—a gateway to forgotten realms, where wizards duel with whispers and silence sings its sibilant spells. Fear not, for DECAPITATION brings no harm to thy neck; it is but a metaphorical beheading of mediocrity.

May your beard flourish, your spirit soar, and your scent be the envy of both mortal and magical beings alike!