Morning Brew

$18.99 - $65.00

Ah, my curious friend, gather 'round the mystical cauldron as I weave the tale of the Morning Brew—a potion to embolden your facial mane and awaken the very essence of your wizardly spirit. This is one of our collaborations with Kyle aka Bearded Brewed and Tattooed

Morning Brew: Behold, ye who seek the secrets of aromatic enchantment! This elixir, brewed at dawn’s first light, carries within it the essence of ancient rituals and caffeinated sorcery.

Dark Roast Coffee Essence: Picture the steam rising from a freshly conjured cup of dark roast coffee. Its scent dances upon the morning breeze, awakening even the most somnolent of wizards. The earthy notes, like whispers from the coffee beans themselves, infuse your beard with vigor.

Butterscotch Bourbon Cream: Ah, the sweet alchemy of butterscotch and aged bourbon! Imagine sipping from a crystal goblet in a hidden tavern. The creamy warmth embraces your senses, leaving a trail of caramel magic in its wake.

Ingredients from the Cauldron of Botanical Wonders:

Hempseed Oil: A potion of growth and nourishment for your beard, whispered by ancient forest spirits.

Jojoba Oil: The mimicry of sebum—the very lifeblood of your beard—keeping it supple and untangled.

Castor Oil: A potion to fortify your follicles, preventing them from faltering on your mystical quest.

Coconut Oil: A shimmering elixir that adds luster and tames unruly strands, like moonlight on a tranquil lake.

Avocado Oil: Extracted from the heart of ripe avocados, it bestows vitamins upon your beard, making it radiant.

Sweet Almond Oil: A soothing balm for the skin beneath your magical whiskers, calming any elemental irritations.

Grapeseed Oil: Light as a fairy’s touch, it enhances manageability, allowing you to sculpt your beard into wondrous shapes.

Blue Dream Terpenes: Ah, the ethereal mist of blue dreams! It weaves through the other ingredients, binding them in harmonious resonance. A hint of herb and mystery, like the forgotten spells of ancient wizards.

Application Ritual:

At dawn, when the sun kisses the dew-kissed grass, anoint your beard with a few drops of this elixir.

Whisper incantations of gratitude to the coffee beans and the spirits of the butterscotch barrel.

Breathe deeply, inhaling the magic. Your beard shall awaken, ready to face the day’s arcane challenges.

And so, my fellow wizard, go forth with Morning Brew —a potion brewed not in copper kettles, but in the very essence of your adventurous soul. May your beard flourish, and may your spirit remain ever caffeinated!