Open Road

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Open Road : Where the Highway Meets the Wild

Introducing Open Road, a harmonious collaboration between Hemp Wizard Beard Care and Blue Collar Bearded. Inspired by the rugged spirit of hardworking truck drivers, this beard oil captures the essence of long journeys, open highways, and the thrill of adventure.

Scent Profile:

Raspberry: A burst of sweet and tangy freshness, reminiscent of roadside fruit stands.

Blackberry: Deep, dark, and mysterious, like the winding roads that stretch into the horizon.

Oud: Earthy, woody, and grounding—a nod to the worn leather seats of vintage trucks.

Why “Open Road”? Picture this: A worn-out trucker, hands gripping the steering wheel, eyes scanning the vast expanse of asphalt ahead. The wind carries whispers of pine trees and distant campfires. The sun sets, casting a warm glow on the dashboard. It’s the freedom of the open road—the promise of new destinations and the comfort of familiar routes.


Nourishment: Hemp-infused goodness softens and conditions your beard, taming unruly hairs.

Long-Lasting Fragrance: The scent lingers throughout the day, evoking memories of sunsets and truck stop diners.

Skin Hydration: Oud, known for its moisturizing properties, keeps your skin beneath the beard healthy.

Directions for Use:

After a shower or whenever your beard needs a pick-me-up, apply a few drops to your palms.

Massage into your beard, from roots to tips.

Breathe in the scent of adventure.

For the Modern Nomad: Whether you’re behind the wheel or dreaming of distant horizons, the Open Road Beard Oil is your companion. Let it remind you that life is a journey—a winding, beautiful, and unpredictable road.

Disclaimer: No truckers were harmed in the making of this beard oil. But their spirit rides shotgun. 

Keep those engines running and those beards well-oiled!

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