Orchard Reserve

$18.99 - $35.00

Orchard Reserve: Tame yer mane with a taste of the heartland
This beard oil ain't fancy, but it'll get the job done right. Orchard Reserve is a rugged blend that packs a punch, just like yer favorite backwoods sipper. We're talkin' rich, nutty amaretto and smoky cognac, all smoothed out with crisp apple cider and a hint of oak barrel for that extra kick.
Made with natural ingredients to keep yer beard feelin' prime:
* Unrefined hemp seed oil for healthy growth
* Sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil to keep it soft
* Castor oil and jojoba oil for a healthy shine
* Grape seed oil to lock in moisture
* Blue dream terpenes and E/O F/O
Orchard Reserve: It's the beard oil that says you ain't afraid of a little hard work.