$18.99 - $35.00

New from Hemp Wizard Beard Care Co in collaboration with the hard rock / metal band, Pray For Villains, the elixer is an eldritch blend that weaves together the whispering secrets of ancient pines, the rugged strength of cedar, and the smoky warmth of bourbon.

Scent Profile:

Pine: As if you’ve wandered into an enchanted forest, the scent of fresh pine needles dances upon your beard, invoking visions of hidden groves and mystical creatures.

Cedar: The sturdy embrace of cedarwood evokes the wisdom of ancient scrolls and the resilience of forgotten wizards. It’s as if your beard gains the protection of magical wards.

Bourbon: A hint of smoldering bourbon barrels lingers, reminiscent of late-night taverns where bards strum melancholic tunes and secrets are traded over amber-filled goblets.

Carrier Blend:

Avocado Oil: Nourishes your beard like the fertile soil of a wizard’s garden.

Sweet Almond Oil: Adds a touch of sweetness, like the laughter of forest sprites.

Castor Oil: Thickens and strengthens your beard, much like the roots of ancient oaks.

Coconut Oil: Whispers of tropical islands and hidden coves.

Jojoba Oil: Balances your beard’s energies, aligning it with cosmic forces.

Grapeseed Oil: A touch of vineyard elegance, as if you’ve sipped from a goblet of elven wine.

Hempseed Oil: The mystical core of this elixir, connecting you to realms beyond mortal understanding.

Blue Dream Terpenes: A dash of otherworldly dreams, where wizards converse with stars.

Application Ritual: Apply a few drops to your palms, close your eyes, and envision the Plaguewood Forest—the veil between realms thinning. Rub your hands together, then massage the elixir into your beard, invoking the spirits of both Hemp Wizard and Pray For Villains. As you do, whisper incantations of strength, creativity, and the harmonious union of music and magic.

May your beard flourish like a forgotten grimoire, and may your soul resonate with the haunting melodies of Pray For Villains.

Disclaimer: The Plaguewood Elixir does not cure curses, hexes, or bad band names. Results may vary.