$18.99 - $35.00

Behold, the elixir known as “Sideways,” a collaborative creation woven by the enchanting hands of Hemp Wizard and the elusive minstrel Unmenended

Let us unravel its essence, whispered by ancient trees and carried on the breeze:

Patchouli: From the mossy depths of forgotten forests, patchouli emerges—a scent that binds earth and spirit. Imagine treading upon dew-kissed leaves, the soil yielding secrets of ages past. It is the heartbeat of the forest, grounding and wise.

Nag Champa: Ah, the temple incense! Nag Champa dances with celestial blooms—a fragrant hymn to cosmic mysteries. Picture moonlit shrines, where seekers meditate, their souls ascending. The petals unfurl, and tranquility settles like stardust.

Black Oud: Dark as midnight, black oud beckons from hidden chambers. Agarwood, steeped in moonshadow and enigma, whispers tales of forgotten realms. Its smoky tendrils curl, revealing secrets etched in starlight.

Together, these essences entwine—a symphony of forest, temple, and moonlit intrigue. When you anoint your beard with “Sideways,” know that you carry the echoes of forgotten songs.

And remember, dear wanderer, scent is a map to realms unseen. May your journey be as winding as the song that birthed this elixir.