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The Insomniac

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The Insomniac: Ah, fellow wanderer of the twilight hours, gather 'round as I unveil the mystical brew known as The Insomniac—a harmonious collaboration between the venerable Hemp Wizard, the enigmatic Bearded Brewed, and the ink-stained sages of Tattooed.

In the Whispered Tones of the Sleepless:

Dark Exotic Coffee Essence: Picture moonlit coffee plantations in distant lands, where beans are roasted under star-kissed skies. The aroma of dark, exotic coffee swirls through ancient forests, awakening your senses like a forgotten incantation.

Hints of Cannabis: Ah, the forbidden herb—the whisper of secret gardens and clandestine rituals. Fear not, for these hints are but a gentle breeze, a fleeting memory of moonlit gatherings where wisdom and dreams entwine.

Ingredients from the Cauldron of Alchemical Mastery:

Hempseed Oil: A potion drawn from the very heart of the hemp plant, it nourishes your beard, imbuing it with resilience and vitality.

Jojoba Oil: A mimicry of nature’s sebum, it whispers to your follicles, encouraging them to flourish.

Castor Oil: A potion of strength, fortifying each strand against the tides of time.

Coconut Oil: Like moonlight on enchanted waters, it adds a shimmering luster to your beard.

Avocado Oil: Extracted from the fruit of ancient trees, it bestows vitamins upon your facial forest.

Sweet Almond Oil: A soothing balm for the skin beneath your mystical whiskers, calming even the most restless spirits.

Grapeseed Oil: Light as stardust, it enhances manageability, allowing you to sculpt your beard into cosmic shapes.

Blue Dream Terpenes: Ah, the ethereal mist of blue dreams! It weaves through the other ingredients, binding them in harmonious resonance. A hint of herb and mystery, like forgotten spells etched in moonstone.

Application Ritual Under the Silvered Moon:

At the witching hour, when the veil between realms is thin, anoint your beard with a few drops of The Insomniac.

Whisper ancient verses to the coffee spirits and the cannabis whispers.

Breathe deeply, inhaling the magic. Your beard shall awaken, ready to wander the realms of wakefulness and dreams.

And so, my fellow seeker of nocturnal wisdom, go forth with Insomniac—a potion brewed not in earthly vessels, but in the very essence of your sleepless soul. May your beard thrive, and may your dreams be as dark and mysterious as the coffee that fuels your nights!